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Hello, I'm Maria!

I discover needs to design Experiences Products Websites Mobile apps Opportunities

My approach

Finding real solutions for real humans

Analytical discoveries

I observe users in their own environment to explore how a product can improve their lives

Data-driven design

I conduct detailed testing through all the process to have quantifiable data at all stages

Human centered design

Involving users & stakeholders from the outset, to minimize the uncertainties.

Work experience

+5 years driving growth

2020 > 2017
Yara International
Sr. UX/UI Designer
Santander Bank
UX/UI Designer
TIM Agency
UX/UI designer
UX designer

About me

My story goes beyond projects

I have only one goal in my life: making people smile, for this, I gather experience and knowledge to provide solutions that solve real problems, analyzing results to make people’s life happier.

My weakness has always been curiosity, so I started studying Industrial Organization, to learn more about optimizing many different production flows, then I discovered my picky eye and I guided my career to Design where I fell in love with UI/UX which allows me to work all days with curiosity, discovering and empathy.

My education

CEI Design & Marketing School

Focusing on practical and theoretical study of interface design and user experience (UX/UI) using Figma, HTML, CSS3 and Javascript, where, in addition to the main structures, it deepens the animation of elements, to make an attractive and dynamic websites with a profile of front-end developer.

Esneca Business School

The postgraduate degree in graphic design provides knowledge and skills to certify a multifaceted professional in graphic design. This postgraduate program teaches how to handle the most important tools of graphic design and 3D design.